Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Our top 10

The top ten things we look forward to when we return to Aus...

1. Eat a Hungry Jacks burger and KFC chicken, at the sametime
2. Drive a manual car, faster than 80km
3. Drink a pint of cold beer from a glass while watching the cricket
4. Listen to commercial radio ads
5. Get a haircut, just a small trim
6. Go and watch a movie at the cinemas with Nicole
7. Stay overnight at mums place
8. Catch-up with family and friends at the Winston
9. A swim at the beach
10. Read some junk mail

1. See family and friends
2. Meet my new nephew Spencer
3. Eat yummy food (e.g. scotch fillet steak, chicken breast, lots of cheese, salads, desserts, roast lamb etc. etc.)
4. Drink water straight from the tap (no more collecting rain water, boiling it, cooling it and bottling it)
5. Have warm showers
6. Have access to a car 24/7 that I can drive on smooth roads without worrying about stray pigs, dogs, chickens and children wandering on the road
7. Get hair cut and coloured
8. Go shopping to buy new clothes
9. Wear what I want, instead of what is considered to be culturally appropriate
10. Being comfortable, knowing that I understand the cultural norms and what people are talking about (especially when they're talking about me).

Living in a developing country gives us a new appreciation for the things we take for granted back home.


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  2. greetings from istanbul.i want to write about kiribati and football.can you help me?

  3. Hahahaha...... Excellent list from the both of you.

  4. Hahahaha...... Excellent list from the both of you.

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