Friday, 11 March 2011

Blog online again...

Well, what a drama. After writing our first blog at the Internet cafe yesterday, Blogger saw the post was coming from a different region and took the blog offline until we verified it. Which we tried from our motel room last night but due to the Internet going up and down, we couldn't do until today. Back now at the Internet cafe. It only costs 90cents for 30mins so that is quite good, the Internet speeds are on par with an ADSL 256 link, so fine for emailing and uploading a few photos. We are not sure how Skype will cope with the video.

The photo above is the plane looping around Tarawa to staighten for the landing, if you can see carefully, the landing strip is horizontal across the photo, the full width of the island, we did wonder how it would fit.

We had a drive around all the main points of interest today with David, our in-country manager. Took us to KIT where I will be working, our home for the next 12months which we move into on Sunday, bus stops, health clinic etc...  No signs or street numbers, he points things out with landmarks, it will be interesting when on our own.

Unfortunately we can't send or receive text messages to our local mobiles internationally, but we hope to get some Internet time every couple of days, if not from home.

Time to go, Internet cafe closes in 2mins and have some photos to upload to Facebook.
Ti a boo, Peter


  1. This is great. Tell us about the night of the Tsunami warning. We certainly had an anxious night worrying about your safety. Glad you are OK.

  2. At least the plane you were on was a jet.